Pacific Electric Music Publishing is a music publishing and administration company founded in 2002. We currently represent the catalogs of The Apples in stereo, John Darnielle (Mountain Goats), Richie Havens, Kurt Wagner (Lambchop, heCTA), Idaho, David Egan, Kelley Ryan (astropuppees), The Radar Brothers, Kelley Stoltz, Peter Walsh (the Apartments), Franklin Bruno, James Bertram (Lync, 764-HERO, Beck), Scott Low, Buddy Flett, The Modey Lemon, Holger Beier (Mexican Institute of Sound), Paz Lenchantin (Zwan, A Perfect Circle), Ann Magnuson (Bongwater), Joe Plummer (Modest Mouse, Black Heart Procession), Jonny Kaplan, Tom Chasteen (Tranquility Bass) and many others. We have established a close working relationship with a worldwide network of like minded independent sub-publishers to provide aggressive and timely representation for our clients.  Our catalog is small and versatile enough to allow our clients direct access and quick turnaround on licensing requests, worldwide.  We are independent in the traditional sense, in that there are no venture capital funds or outside investors involved.