Mechanical Income - We issue mechanical, digital subscription and DPD licenses to record companies and online services like Spotify and Apple Music and collect the resulting royalties.  It is especially crucial to have a publisher in place outside of the United States because you cannot collect mechanical royalties directly from the record company - you need a local publisher. 

Performance Income - We register all of your songs with your chosen performing rights organization (ASCAP / BMI / SESAC).  We collect royalties from these organizations and make sure you get all the income you are entitled to from the performance of your songs on radio, TV and the internet.

Foreign Income - We register your titles worldwide and collect from all streaming, download and performance activity that takes place worldwide. We also coordinate with our foreign representatives to help pitch your music for film, television and commercial campaigns in the EU and various other territories.


We are fortunate to be based in Los Angeles where we have direct access to the independent music supervisors for all of your favorite TV shows.  We have the experience to quote the right price for your license and we have the legal and business experience to draft, execute and follow up on the license.  Once the license is signed, we are aggressive in collecting payment and getting the cue sheets filed with the performing rights organizations and our foreign affiliates.